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Maintenance Supplies

Regular maintenance is a necessity for a healthy tank and there are a number of products available to simplify the process. There are four aquarium maintenance tasks which need to be performed on a regular basis and they are water changes, algae removal, cleaning filters and changing filter media, and cleaning of décor and accessories.

  • The most important maintenance task is water changes, as the water quality of your tank affects the health of its inhabitants. Water changes help to remove waste products from your tank, which helps to prevent a harmful build-up. They also help to replenish nutrients they may have been used or filtered out. On average, a monthly water change of approximately 25% is recommended. Siphons are a huge time-saver when performing water changes and some models, such as Lee’s The Ultimate GravelVac, can attach to a faucet to enable easy refill of the tank.

  • The next most important task is algae removal and there are several different types of tools available for this such as algae scrapers and magnetic and hand scrubbers. Algae should be removed from the walls of the aquarium on as-needed basis to prevent build-up. If algae is allowed to build-up excessively it could have a negative impact on water quality.

  • Filter media should be replaced monthly and doing this at the same time as your water change can make it easy to remember. Filters themselves should be taken apart and cleaned to remove build-up every 3 months.

  • Decor and accessories should be wiped down on an as needed basis to prevent a build-up of algae and debris.
Maintenance supplies