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Cleaning Supplies
Cage scrubber

A clean cage is essential to your bird’s health and appropriate cleaning supplies can make this easier for you and safer for your bird. Many common household cleaners can be toxic to your bird so it important to choose bird safe cleaners such as Poop-Off. Poop-Off is a non-toxic, biodegradable enzymatic cleaner that can be used on all cage area as well as on toys and perches. Cage scrubbers and perch scrubbers can be used in conjunction with cleaners to remove bird droppings.


Poop-Off has been tested to be safe when used inside or outside the cage. It is non-toxic and biodegradable, certified salmonella free, mildly scented and tested to be "gram-negative." Since 1996, Poop-Off has been used by zoo's, breeders, bird stores and hundreds of thousands of bird owners daily to clean the worst bird messes. Many products that are designed to be used to clean bird cages contain harmful ingredients. It is so safe, and you can clean the inside of cages with the bird sitting on its perch and you do not need to rinse off the product. Poop-Off is also safe to use on wood flooring and fabrics.

Sifting litter
Depending on your choice of bedding, cage sifters are another useful tool to remove uneaten food and droppings from your bird’s litter. Sifting will often allow you to extend the life of your bedding and save you from doing a complete bedding change. For example, if you use bedding such as walnut litter you can usually sift the cage every day or two and perform a complete litter change once a week.

It is important to clean your bird’s cage on a regular basis. Generally, you should perform a “spot clean” once a week which entails wiping down any dirty cage areas and perches, clean food and water bowls, scrubbing the cage grate if needed and changing the litter or bedding. This is also a good time to rotate your bird’s toys to give them some variety. A more thorough cleaning should be performed about once a month.