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Gyms & Stands

In nature, birds get a lot of exercise flying from tree to tree and foraging for food. By comparison, the lifestyles of many pet birds seem almost sedentary, lacking both the physical and mental stimulation their wild counterparts experience. This is one of the main reasons to make sure that your bird has a variety of toys and a gym or stand if appropriate. Gyms and play stands also enable you to more closely interact with your bird, strengthening the bond between you. While not appropriate for all birds, gyms and stands can greatly enrich your bird’s life.

When selecting a gym or stand, you must first consider the size of your bird. Small tabletop gyms designed for parakeets are not suitable for macaws and stands with 2” diameter perches are just as unsuitable for a small parrot. The next consideration is how much room you have available for a bird gym. You need to select an area away from hazards such as power cords and temptations, like wood furniture, that is also free from drafts.

Gyms and stands come in several different styles. There are smaller table top gyms which are primarily for small and medium birds and larger stands and gyms. Many gyms either include toys or toys can be added to them. Generally, stands are the more basic option, while gyms can range from simple and functional to elaborate climbing areas

Java wood tabletop gym

Tabletop gyms are convenient temporary play areas for your bird that can easily be moved from location to location. Some come with accessories such as ladders, swings, and toys already installed while others are designed to mimic trees and branches.
This gym is made from java wood, which is harvested when a coffee tree reaches 25 to 35 years of age and becomes non-productive. The base is constructed with quality Kamper wood from Kalimantan and it includes one feeder cup. Approximate dimensions are 28"x18"x27".

Metal floor stand

Freestanding gyms are larger versions of tabletop gyms. They are primarily designed for medium to large birds and can provide hours of climbing fun. Many freestanding gyms have wheels to allow for easy movement. They are commonly made from metal, wood, or even plastic.
This metal gym has two stainless steel dishes, two wooden perches, and three ladders. It also includes casters so it can be rolled from room to room. Approximate dimensions are 32"x21"x64".

T-bar stand

Stands are free-standing and usually include a tray area and food and water bowls. Most are made from metal, and they usually have at least one wood perch.They are normally the most simple option, although toys and ladders can be added.
This stand is equipped with a sturdy metal base, a stainless steel tray, and a wooden perch which can hold two seed cups. It also includes wheels and can be easily moved as needed. It is easy to clean and has a knock-down style design, so you can easily store the stand. Approximate dimensions are 23.5" Dia. x 49.25"H.