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Cats can find a place to sleep almost anywhere and their natural instinct is find secure, private places to sleep. Places such as boxes, baskets and closet shelves are all considered by cats to be ideal sleeping areas. However, some cats will fall asleep almost anywhere. Cats typically fall into one of three sleeping groups and when choosing a bed you must first consider which group your cat belongs to.

Bolster style cat bed

Nesters prefer beds with walls that enable them to feel securely enclosed. These beds come in a variety of colors and patterns and sometimes have removable cushions in the center for easy cleaning.

Covered cat bed

Burrowers like to be completely enclosed as though they were in a den. Sleep sacks or covered beds are an ideal choice. Some covered beds even include toys dangling inside for your cat’s entertainment.

Snoozy mat

Sprawlers prefer larger beds that allow them to stretch out. Mats or pad style beds with thick, plush material are a good choice. There are no cushions or covers to be removed so this style of bed is very easy to clean.

Window perch

Window Perches or Nappers attach easily to your window to provide a sunny sleeping area for your cat. They are available in basic carpeted style as well as more elaborate Sherpa covered nappers with washable covers. Depending on the style, they can either be removable or permanently mounted.

Heated Beds

Cats are heat seeking animals and Heated or Self Warming beds provide the warmth they crave. These are especially good choices for older arthritic cats or for outdoor cats. There are two types of heated beds, low wattage heated beds which require a power source and core heat generating beds made of heat reflecting material.

Cats sleep for a large portion of the day so by providing an appropriate sleeping area you can greatly improve your cat’s comfort, happiness, and overall health. It is also important to make sure that beds are situated away from draft areas.