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Cats have an instinctive desire to climb, perch, and scratch. In you would prefer not to come home and find your cat climbing the curtains or shredding the couch, you may want to consider providing cat furniture. There are several different types of cat furniture and each type usually comes in a variety of sizes to suit almost any space.


Scratchers are an essential item for all cats. They provide a healthy scratching area for your cat other than your furniture. Even de-clawed cats can benefit from scratchers as they allow them to exercise their paws. There are four basic styles of scratchers: corrugated cardboard, carpet with sisal rope, natural wood, and door hangers. Some cats prefer a particular type of scratcher and there are even scratchers available that give your cat a choice of multiple surfaces.

Cat trees

Trees are usually covered with carpet and sisal. They come in a variety of sizes and most have multiple levels which give your cat the opportunity to climb. Many trees also have scratching areas or toys attached to provide stimulate and entertain your cat. Some trees also have nest like areas for your cat to sleep in.

Cat condos

Condos are usually small than trees and are mostly enclosed. They can multiple levels with several different entry holes and a sleeping area on top. Most condos are covered with carpet, but some also have a sisal section for scratching or toys for entertainment.

Window perch

Window Perches or Nappers attach easily to your window to provide a sunny sleeping area for your cat. They are available in basic carpeted style as well as more elaborate Sherpa covered nappers with washable covers. Depending on the style, they can either be removable or permanently mounted.


Stairs are usually made either entirely of plastic or are plastic framed with fabric covers. They are especially useful for senior cats to allow them access to their favorite napping spots that they can no longer jump to.