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Grooming Supplies

Cats are clean animals and they usually spend a great deal of time grooming themselves. However, all cats, no matter what type of coat they have, can benefit from a grooming routine. Regular brushing can remove excess hair and help to distribute oils in the skin. It also helps to prevent mats, which if left unchecked can become very painful and even damage your cat’s skin. Another benefit of regular grooming is that is reduces the amount of hair your cat consumes, which in turn reduces the problem of hair balls.

The frequency of grooming should be determined by both your cat’s coat and its tolerance of grooming. Longer haired cats require more frequent brushing to prevent mats from forming, while short haired cats can benefit from a weekly or even bi-weekly brushing. However, some cats enjoy being groomed; if this is the case with your cat then you both may prefer a more frequent grooming routine. On the other hand, if your cat dislikes being brushed, then you may prefer to go with a more infrequent routine. Regardless, it is important to use the proper tools when grooming your cat to make it as enjoyable experience as possible.

There are a variety of brush types and other grooming tools available to suit any situation and we’ve listed some of the most common types below.

Slicker brush

Slicker brushes have very fine wire bristles and that are especially effective in removing mats and tangles. They work well to remove loose hair and dander.

Grooming mitt

Grooming mitts are a good choice for cats that don’t enjoy being groomed. The glove design lets you remove loose hair and dirt while petting your cat.

Rubber curry

Rubber curry brushes, such as the Kong Zoom Groom, massage and groom at the same time. Rubber fingers trap loose hair, while at the same time massaging the skin.

Shedding blade

Shedding blades are designed to remove loose hair and leave your pet with a clean, healthy coat. Most shedding blades designed specifically for cats consist of a metal circle with teeth on one side and a handle. Shedding blades are an excellent tool for removing dead and semi-dead hair which helps your cat’s coat to appear healthier.

Shed magic

Shedding tools, such as the Safari Shed Magic, greatly reduce shedding for a healthy coat and home. They are multi-purpose tools designed to quickly remove loose hair, excess undercoat and stubborn mats or tangles. These tools are a great choice for medium and long coats because they easily reach the undercoat to remove dead hair without irritating the skin.


Combs can be effective grooming tools and are available in shedding and flea removal styles. Shedding combs can be an excellent tool for breaking up and removing mats. Their special skip tooth design lifts out loose hair and the long teeth penetrate deep into the undercoat, while the short teeth collect the loose hair. The smooth rounded teeth are gentle to the skin. Flea combs can be used to control fleas and identify skin and coat problems. However, it is important to remove any tangles in the coat before using a flea coat.

Nail trimmers

Nail trimmers can be a vital part of your cat’s grooming routine. Many cats tend to use their claws on a regular basis so keeping them trimmed is a must for protecting your furniture. Additionally, it is important to your pet's well-being to keep the nails properly trimmed so that they don’t become snagged and cause an injury. There are a variety of nail trimmers available to choose from depending on what style you prefer. Regardless of what type of trimmer you choose, it is also a good idea to have styptic powder on hand to stop any bleeding from accidentally cutting a nail too short.

Shampoo display

For the most part, cats are clean animals and don’t require frequent baths. However, your cat may get something on its fur, it may be older and unable to groom itself, it may have a skin condition which requires bathing, or it may even have external parasites such as fleas. Regardless of the reason for bathing your cat, it is important to choose an appropriate shampoo. You should never use a human shampoo on your cat as they have different pH levels and often include harsher detergents than shampoos formulated for pets. There are a number of shampoos available that are specifically formulated for cats, or for both dogs and cats.

We carry a variety of shampoos, conditioners, and crème rinses ranging from dry shampoo for those times you just can’t wash your cat, to skunk odor remover, to shampoos that nourish your cat’s coat and help with dry skin.