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Toys & Treats

Cat toy aisle
Cats are hunters by nature and they have a natural urge to pounce, bat, and bite; much as they would in the wild with prey. Cats' behaviors when playing very similar to hunting behavior and these activities allow kittens and younger cats to grow and acquire cognitive and motor skills. In order to fulfill your cat’s prey drive and satisfy her natural hunting instinct it is important to provide a variety of toys. Toys also promote movement and exercise and help to prevent your cat from becoming overweight, as well as help to eliminate boredom and the undesirable behaviors that result from it.

There are numerous different types of toys available for cats and they can be primarily broken down into two groups: toys for solitary play and interactive toys that require you to play with your cat. Even if you provide your cat with numerous toys for solitary play, it is still recommended that you play with her at least several times a week.

Solitary toys allow your cat to entertain and exercise themselves when you are not available to play with them. They come in a vast array of styles, ranging from small furry mice to catnip filled toys. It is important to provide your cat with a selection of toys so that they don’t become bored. Solitary toys

Interactive toys allow you to have quality play and bonding time with your cat. These include wands with attachments, laser pointers, or even some styles of balls for cats that enjoy playing fetch. It is important to have interactive play time with your cat several times a week at a minimum, although daily is better.

Interactive toys
Treats are another way for you to interact with your cat, as well as a way to reinforce positive behavior. Cat treats are available in a variety of forms and flavors, all depending on your cat’s needs and preferences. Additionally, treats are a healthier alternative to table scraps and also prevent undesirable behaviors, such as begging for food scraps, from forming.

When choosing a treat for your cat there are several factors to consider such as the purpose you intend to use the treat for, how often you plan to give them, any food, and your pet’s preferences. For instance, if you plan to use the treats for training, you will want to choose a small treat that can be quickly consumed. If you plan to give your cat numerous treats you might want to consider small, lower calorie treats.

While many older cats prefer soft treats and many kittens prefer small sized treats, for the most part cats have very individual preferences regarding the types of treats they enjoy.

Catnip treats

Catnip treats come in a variety of flavors that are sure to delight any cat and have catnip baked into them. They are available in both hard and semi-soft forms.
Treats such as 8in1 Kookamunga Krunchie Kravings Catnip Treats are prepared with proteins and essential fatty acids that are vital for your cat's good health as well as being delicious.

Dental treats

Dental treats are usually crunchy treats with special ingredients to promote dental health. Oral health issues are one of the most common health problems diagnosed in adult pets and dental treats help clean your cat’s teeth. Dental treats are available in a variety of flavors to please almost any feline palate.
Feline Greenie’s Dental treats use your cat’s natural chewing action to wipe away tartar buildup from the surface of teeth.

Meaty treats

Meaty treats are made with real meat as the first ingredient and are packed with flavor. They come in a variety of flavors and are usually in a semi-soft form.
Blue Kitty Yums are the perfect way to reward your favorite feline and these tender morsels are packed with flavor that will leave her purring for more.

Weruva treats

Natural treats are usually grain free and have limited ingredients and are a good choice for cats with food allergies. Most natural treats are found in freeze dried form.
Weruva Paw Lickin’ Chicken and Blue Water Whitefish are great tasting treats, packed with protein and minimal carbohydrates.

Many cats also enjoy catnip as a treat. Catnip is a form of mint that can be found growing throughout much of the United States. It is cat-safe and can be fed as-is, sprinkled on scratchers, or even stuffed into toys. It is usually available dried forms but some companies use it in a variety of products such as catnip bubbles.

  • Dried catnip is a 100% natural herb that stimulates a harmless, playful reaction in cats. When catnip is pinched, the aroma stored in the dried leaves and flowers is released, driving cats wild.
  • Catnip sprays and bubbles usually contain catnip oil and make for great interactive fun for you and your cat.

Some cats also enjoy fresh pesticide-free grass and there are kits available that allow you to grow grass indoors specifically for your cat. Most cat grass kits include a variety of edible grasses, and usually only require the addition of water and some sunlight.