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Dog toys
Dogs often have very distinct preferences about what toys they like and choosing the perfect toy or toy style can sometimes a little experimentation. There are four main categories of dog toys and they are plush toys, rubber chew toys, vinyl toys (usually with squeakers), and rope toys. Some dogs need heavy duty toys to suit their more aggressive play styles, others like soft fuzzy toys that they can cuddle with. With a little bit of trial and error, you will sound find the perfect toy for your dog. However, it is important to remember that not all toys are safe for your dog to without supervision.

Plush toys

Plush toys are usually made from fabric or fleece and many contain squeakers. Although some plush toys are very heavy duty, others can quickly destroyed by aggressive chewers.
These Loofah Dogs made by Multipet are a favorite of many dogs

Rubber Kong

Hard rubber toys provide great jaw exercise for dogs and are usually durable enough for aggressive chewers. Toys such as Kongs are hollow and can be filled with a variety of treats and stuffings to keep your dog occupied for hours.
Durable, heavy duty Kong toys are built to last and are a great choice for dogs that love to chew

Air Dog football

Vinyl toys usually contain squeakers which can add a new level of interest to play time. Ball shaped toys such as Kong Air Dog toys make a great choice for a game of fetch.
The KONG AirDog Football combines two classic dog toys — the tennis ball and the squeaker toy.

Booda Rope tug

Rope toys are the perfect choice for a game of tug. They are also good for your dog’s gums and teeth and some ropes even have mint for fresh breath or a meaty flavor to encourage your dog to chew
This rope toy helps clean teeth and gums, freshen breath, while the durable cotton strands act as floss.