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Waste disposal
Waste Disposal & Cleaning Aids

Although dog waste disposal isn’t a particularly fun or exciting topic, it is an important one, and there are products available to make the process almost hassle-free. We offer an assortment of products to help you quickly and easily dispose of pet waste ranging scoopers for the back yards to bags for those times nature calls while you and your dog are taking a walk.

Pooper scoopers

Scoopers come in several different styles ranging from the basic unit to more elaborate systems that include a rake and a bucket unit that can hold a small trash bag or liner. These also eliminate the need to bend over, as you would when using a bag, and are a great choice for people with bad backs. Some models are even small enough to take with you when walking your dog.

Housebreaking pads

Housebreaking or “piddle” pads can be an enormous help with puppies, older dogs, or dogs that stay home alone during the day. Most pads have a special scent to attract your puppy or dog and the absorbent pads help protect your rugs and floors from damage.

Bags and dispenser

Holders that attach to the leash and are designed to hold rolls of waste disposal bags can often be a life-saver when out walking your dog. They are available in several colors and styles to suit almost any dog and their sturdy design makes for a dependable and environmentally friendly tool for the most undesirable of tasks. Refill bags are easy to reload, making clean up a snap.

Enzyme cleaner

Enzyme cleaners eliminate pet stains and odors, rather than just masking them. Their special bio-enzymatic formulas react specifically to organic stains and each bottle contains billions of enzymes that trap and work to eliminate stain and odor molecules. Additionally, by destroying pet odors instead of just cleaning them, this formula may help prevent your pet from reusing specific marking spots.