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Decorative Water Features

Decorative water features allow you to incorporate the sight and sound of water to your garden, deck, patio or balcony without having to install a pond. They are also a great way to try out water gardening before committing to a larger feature such as a pond or waterfall. Decorative water features are available in two different styles - AquaBasins®, which have a decorative component such as an urn or spitter atop an underground reservoir that keeps re-circulating the water, and Stand Alone fountains which recirculate the water from the bottom of the fountain to the top. .

AquaBasin Urn
Decorative fountains are a convenient and economical way to add the sight and sound of running water to your landscape. Even if you already have a pond in the backyard, a small fountain can be a great addition to the front yard adding unique curb appeal to your home. Aquascape’s AquaBasin® Mini Kits make it simple to have a water feature in almost any setting. Create a simple bubbling fountain or add one of the many Aquascape water fountains or features to suit your setting. Tuck one by the front door to greet guests or place it near a deck or patio to help relax you at the end of a busy day. The AquaBasin® Mini Kits include the basin, water pump and decorative fountain. Made of fiberglass stone composite, the decorative fountain has all the natural beauty of real rock with the added durability and light weight of fiberglass. Fiberglass stone composite can be used indoors or out, never fades or chips, has a natural rock veneer and ages like real stone!

Self contained fountain
Self Contained Fountains
Incorporate the sight and sound of water into your landscape. The all new Aquascape decorative fountains are a beautiful addition to almost any landscape. These standalone fountains are made from durable GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) combining all the beauty of dye-colored concrete with the added strength of reinforced glass fibers. All Aquascape decorative GFRC fountains come complete with a pre-fixed plumbing assembly and water pump.