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Aquascape LED Pond and Landscape Lighting combines style and simplicity. Our newest component fixtures feature a die-cast metal housing finished with a three-part brushed architectural bronze coating providing a durable finish that will hold up in all weather conditions. Aquascape LED pond and landscape lighting can be used fully submersed, or in traditional landscapes. All new 2014 Aquascape LED lights consist of permanently sealed watertight fixtures and are backed by a limited five-year full replacement warrant

The advantages of Aquascape LED pond and landscape lighting include:

  • LED lighting can save up to 90% in electrical cost compared to halogen lighting
  • All new 2014 lighting (Coming Soon) includes a limited five-year full replacement warranty
  • Warm natural-looking light color blends in easily with traditional halogen lighting

LED kitAquascape lighting is available in kits or as individual components. Kits such as the Aquascape LED Pond and Landscape Spotlight Kit includes everything needed to create a beautiful nighttime focal point in any water garden or traditional landscape. The small compact design allows for installation in even the tightest spaces. For those who prefer to create their own design, or just need one or two lights, individual components such as LED Pond and Landscape Spotlights, Waterfall and Landscape Accent Lights and Fountain Accent lights are available along with a variety of timers, transformers and connectors.