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Pond and Pondless Kits

Aquascape Ecosystem Pond Kits
Pond diagram
The Aquascape approach to creating a pond kit is quite different from many other companies' offerings. The goal with their ecosystem pond kits is to create a complete low-maintenance system that works with Mother Nature to provide food, shelter, and safety to the wildlife around it. All components selected work well together and complement the addition of rocks, gravel, fish and plants.
Pond Kit

Aquascape Pond Kits package components together in a convenient, all-in-one kit that takes the guesswork out of assembling the components separately. The kits are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from the 4' x 6' MicroPond® Kit to the 21' X 26' Large Pond Kit. No matter the size, all Aquascape Pond Kits include liner, underlayment, skimmer and appropriately sized pump, and many other components. The larger kits even include an LED light package.

Aquascape Pondless® Waterfall Kits
Pondless diagramThese are one of Aquascape's most popular water kits that features a beautiful disappearing waterfall. The Aquascape Pondless® Waterfall system gives all the beauty, sights and sounds of water without the pond portion, and a pond can always be added on to it later. This style of water feature is popular with consumers with space constraints, small children or municipality restrictions. Pondless kit

Much like the Pond Kits mentioned above, Pondless® Waterfall kits include everything you need to get started. The kits range from the MicroPondless® Waterfall Kit, which is the perfect DIY solution for small spaces and includes enough liner to create a small 3' long waterfalls, to the Large Pondless® Large Waterfall Kit with can create up to a 26' stream. All Pondless® Waterfall Kits include underlayment, liner, an appropriately sized vault and pump and many other components.