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Military statues Our statuary and fountains are made by Massarelli's®, makers of fine stone garden accents. Massarelli’s has been going strong – and growing stronger – since 1972, it continues to serve the United States and Canada with quality, hand-crafted ornamental stone statuary in a friendly, family-owned style. Over the many years they have been in business, many things have changed. But in today’s smarter, faster, high-tech world, it’s good to know that some things never will. Massarelli’s products are made to last and actually improve with age. All Massarelli's® products are designed and proudly made by hand by craftsmen and women in their own family facility in Hammonton, NJ where they still finish each and every piece of stone statuary by hand, making it a unique original.

Dragon statuesThe Massarelli's® product line is always changing and ranges from traditional to contemporary. They are constantly revising, refreshing and renewing their line of fountains, and statuary. Whether big or small, from whimsical animals to inspirational greetings and contemporary designs, diversity is a Massarelli’s trademark. We have been carrying Massarelli's® statuary and fountains for over 15 years and we have an in-depth knowledge of their product line. We can also perform small touch-ups to Massarelli's® products.