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Water Treatments

Combining science with simplicity, Aquascape's complete line of water treatments makes it simple to maintain a healthy, well-balanced water garden. Aquascape's pump-top liquid bottles and bubble tabs make dosing simple and affordable. Put away your calculators and enjoy a clean, clear, healthy pond with the complete line of Aquascape water treatment products.

No matter what type of issue your pond is having, there is a treatment available for it:

  • Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds provides clean, clear and healthy water conditions and reduces pond maintenance.
  • SAB™ Stream & Pond Cleaner breaks down debris in ponds, streams, and waterfalls
  • EcoBlast™ is the fastest way to eliminate algae
  • Rapid Clear quickly clears cloudy pond water by clumping suspended debris
  • Activated Pond Carbon removes discoloration and odors
  • Pond Starter Bacteria establishes a biological ecosystem
  • Pond Salt reduces the effects of nitrite levels toxic to fish
  • Sludge and Filter Cleaner is a biological pond and filter clearner
  • Pond Detoxifier makes tap water safe for fish and plants
  • Algaecide eliminates algae growth
Water Treatments