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Litter & Substrate

Substrates provide a healthy living environment for your reptile, as well as enhancing the appearance of their cage or habitat. The main factor in selecting a substrate for your reptile is their natural environment. It is important to select a substrate that is compatible with your reptile, and if keeping multiple species of reptiles together you must make sure that they all come from similar habitats. For instance desert dwelling lizards such as bearded dragons don’t do well in the higher humidity environment that results from Jungle Mix and tropical lizards such as chameleons can be dehydrated from being kept on sand.

At Noah's Ark, we carry the following types of reptile litters and substrates:


  • Bio-degradable enzyme reduces odors
  • Absorbent, non-abrasive material will not irritate reptiles
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in several different colors
  • Can be used some snakes or for convalescent needs
Coco Husk

Coco husk
  • 100% organic
  • Holds moisture
  • Ideal for egg incubation
  • Ideal for tropical lizards, frogs, salamanders and newts
Jungle mix

Jungle Mix
  • 100% natural—ideal and biodegradable
  • Holds moisture for humidity-loving reptiles
  • Promotes digging, breeding and egg incubation
  • Can be combined with other substrates
  • Ideal for tropical lizards, frogs, toads, and snakes
Lizard litter

Lizard litter
  • Ultra-absorbent bedding
  • Contains no toxic resins or oils
  • 100% natural and biodegradable
  • Ideal for skinks, snakes, monitors and swifts
Moss mats

Moss Mats
  • Natural look
  • Hygienic substrate substitute
  • Easy to use, absorbent and washable
  • Soft and non-abrasive
  • Can be used with all types of reptiles and amphibians
Plantation soil

Plantation soil
  • 100% natural substrate
  • Increases humidity in terrariums, ideal for natural terrarium set-ups
  • Stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior
  • Nutritional substrate for live plants
  • Ideal for frogs, salamanders and burrowing or digging animals

  • Comprised of unique round grains - won’t scratch reptiles inside or out
  • Cleaner and easier to digest - over 99% pure calcium carbonate
  • Small grain size and rounded shape means less chance of impaction
  • Dust Free - no mess, no inhalation danger
  • Variety of colors
  • Ideal for desert lizards
Sand Mats

Sand Mats
  • Natural desert look
  • Safe and hygenic substrate
  • Easy to place, remove and clean
  • Ideal as a quarantine substrate
  • Cannot be accidentally ingested
  • Textured to increase your reptile's sense of safety and comfort