Small Animals
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Furniture & Accessories
Furniture and accessories help make your small animal’s cage or house into a fun, safe environment. They allow you fulfill your pet’s instinctive needs such as running, jumping, climbing, and chewing so that your small animal can be happy and healthy. Accessories can range from basic equipment like water bottles to hay racks that help keep uneaten hay clean to dust baths needed by Chinchillas to maintain healthy skin and coats.

Bungalow and Hut
Small animal furniture serves several different purposes. It can provide as a safe hiding and sleeping area, it can fulfill your small animal’s natural chewing urges, and it can provide hours of fun and entertainment. Some small animal furniture can help to promote exercise, ensuring your pet remains active. Many small animal species are burrowers by nature and seek out small, enclosed sleeping areas. Huts, bungalows, igloos, and sleeping compartments all help to satisfy this urge. Many of these products can also be safely chewed, allowing your small animal to “customize” them while at the same time fulfilling their natural chewing urges.

Small animal fluff
Ferret tent For smaller animals such as hamster and gerbils, bedding fluff can be provided to allow them to create a safe, warm burrow. There are a number of products available specifically for ferrets such as sacks, tents, and hammocks which generally offer a snuggly, fleece line sleeping area. These products can also be used with other small animals, and many rats enjoy sleeping in hammocks.

Tunnel and wheel Other furniture such as tunnels, wheels, and chewable toys also help to provide physical and mental stimulation for your small animal. Flexible tunnels can be draped over other cage furniture to encourage your pet to climb or would in mazes while chewable tunnels can be filled with fluff. Wheels help your pet to expend its energy. Rope or wooden ladders can provide access to other cage areas or to platforms.

In addition to furniture, there are other important cage accessories that should be included in your small animal’s environment. These include water bottles, litter pans, hay racks, and dust bath houses and dust for chinchillas.