Small Animals
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Treats & Chews
There is an assortment of commercially prepared treats available for your small animal. Some treats can help you bond with your pet and provide them with a tasty snack, others such as salt and mineral wheels can provide important nutrients and minerals. Treats sticks and cakes prepared from seed blends, fruits and vegetables, and honey are available in formulas for most small animals. Other treats such as yogurt drops, yogurt dipped fruit, and dried fruits also make good treat choices for most small animals. Species specific treats are also available, such as dried rose-hips are available for chinchillas and meat based treats for ferrets which are available in a variety of flavors such as chicken and bacon. Treats Overgrown rabbit teeth

With the exception of ferrets, most small animals have teeth that grow continuously throughout their lives. Chewing is one of the primary ways your small pet grinds down it teeth so it is vital to provide an assortment of chews on a constant basis. If no means is provided for your pet to grind down its teeth, disastrous consequence can occur and may require the intervention of a veterinarian to trim the teeth.
This rabbit's teeth have grown dangerously long.

Chews are available in a variety of styles and materials such as wood, lava block, or mineral blocks and many even come in flavors designed to appeal to your small animal. There are sticks, branches, ice cream shaped mineral chews, and even kabobs that allow you to add fruits or vegetables along with wood blocks.